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Melissa and Matt

AWESOME blog! Love the timeline on Flikr! What a fun way to keep up with you guys!

James Fulkerson

Great Blog! It is good to hear from others that see the beauty of this place!

Uncle Mark

Marisa and Jordan.
  Thanks for the nice picture of you two.  We have it on our refigerater.  Hope yor travels to Vietnam are safe.  You should visit Hung's grandmother there.  She lives in the outback there.

Sharon Panelo

This is an awesome blog, thanks for sharing your adventures. I have an old friend from high school who is also teaching English in South Korea - and enjoying the adventure there w/ her husband and young son. Not exactly sure her city... I've seen photo albums of Hongdo, Mokpo, Wando...  Anyway, keep on truckin'!  -Sharon

Comment by Jordan
Thanks Sharon!

Hi I found your blog that is so fun and intersting.
My name is Seo Youn Jung.
I am from korea and just moved to here Gunsan two months ago because of job.
I have no friends here. I really like to make friends from others.
I can hlpe them by helping korean and also i can have fun with them.
Anybody need friends or need hlep, just email me.
always welcome [email protected]


I find your blog a most interesting site.
Whilst pining for the sight of YOU!
Don't guess that'll ever change - that's right.
Why? I'm sure that you must have a clue!

Brendan Magnuson

I'm one of your biggest fans. love this website and all your others. Just amazing stuff.


We enjoy catching up on your blog every so often-- it's fun to read/see what you're up to! So glad you're having such a wonderful adventure...
-Kirsten, for Ralph & Elise too

Kelly G.

i have just moved to gunsan from illinois to teach english, been here about a month. i found your website (love the commentary and i am tempted to use the poodles myself). was wondering if you know any good places to go to around here.

laura jones

checking out churches in your town for a friend who just arrived!

Comment by Jordan
Great! Did you see the information we've posted on The Haven?
Carol Millar

I have just read your blogs at work and refrain from chuckling out loud! How can sooo many of us have similar experiences at sooo many different schools??? You have to wonder!!
Perhaps they all need to learn 'if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.'

Amy Odom

Hey Guys! Why isn't Chapel Hill on the list? It is afterall, the "Southern Part of Heaven!" Shame on you:)

Andrea Lahouze

Hey you guys!! I just wanted to say that I love reading about all of your adventures and experiences--especially the latest entry about things people say in Korea, very entertaining. It's so interesting how people have such different perceptions of other cultures, i.e. thinking all Americans say "campus couple" haha.



hey, I see you guys are teaching in Gunsan. I have just moved here with my husband. He is working at Gunsan AB and I will be living in the city. are there a group of foriegners here? I taught in Seoul from 2002-2005 and kinda feel like it is isolated here.

you can email me at [email protected]



Hello! I was directed here from your YouTube video showing your HUGE apartment in Korea! My husband and I are getting ready to move over there to teach English as well and we really enjoyed seeing your pictures as it gives us a better idea of what we are getting into!

How did you get such a big apartment? I am terrified we'll end up in a shoebox!


Comment by Jordan
Hi Jocelyn, thanks for posting! My comment space is limited, so why don't you email us at [email protected] and we'll reply.
Steve & Jan Hansen

Hi from Minnesota Love it Thanks for letting us keep in touch. God Bless

Sue Sauter

Thanks for your continued good writing about your adventures! I envy you both when it comes to all the beautiful scenery and people you are meeting--not to mention all the lives you are touching with your teaching. I don't envy the food you have to eat on a regular basis--raw fish, yuk. Jordan, the squid or octopus would have made my prior ingestions come back up quickly! I love your Christmas photo. You both look so well and happy! Love, Sue


Woops... I thought I had signed this already, but apparently I haven't. Well, now I have. I quite like the blog.


Hello Friends! I hope all is going well in SK! I enjoy reading about your adventures. They are so fun and the pictures are excellent too! Have a wonderful week teaching, watching tv, painting nails, etc.



Way cool! I have finally logged on and love it. Keep it up and have fun!