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Patti Magnuson

I'm here. I read this site too (and really enjoy it)! I'm Jordan's favorite Mother.


Hi M and J! We are missing you in sunny but cold NC! Noah, Odom, and Jane want to know if you've made any new video games? Unga bunga is still a hit, but they were just wonderin'. Keep on keepin' on.

Peace, Amy

p.s. Sandy and Moe send licks and woofs around the world to yall!

Jedidiah Davis

Hey, you guys know me.

I love your videos. Thanks for keeping in touch and for making this blog and for making it so fancy, too.

Oh, just so the rest of you know, i am Jordan (and Marisa's? maybe) favorite Jed. So there.

Amy Fisher

I am Amy, Mother of Matthew, Former Roommate of Jordan and Former Caretaker of Martin the Warrior, Son of Luke the Warrior, Guardian of Redwall.

Sue Sauter

Greetings from Colorado! I'm enjoying reading about the adventures of Marisa and Jordan. Keep up the good work and descriptive tales of your day to day lives. Intriguing! I'm enjoying the photos of the foreign land also.

Best wishes and love, Sue


Hi guys, it was so nice of you to make a blog on you life in Korea. I have been on it the last 2 hours:). It is very interesting and exciting all at the same time. I wish you guys the best of luck, please continue to keep me updated! Take care, be safe!


Tom and Miki Pals in Japan

Hey Jordan and Marisa,

Your posts remind me of life when I first came to Japan. I am not sure that things are better now that I speak the language. Even though I understand what people are saying, the logic escapes me.

If you come here for a visit and just in case you get a hankering for eel, you will be glad to know that Hamamatsu City is considered the eel capital of Japan. Don't worry if you are not into eel; there is a snapping turtle soup place just down the street. Jordan - I always think of your dad when I walk past there. Ask him if he remembers his snapping turtle incident. I know I do. There is nothing like having fond memories of your cousin's misfortune.

Continue to enjoy your "Huh? What the heck? That doesn't make any sense." moments. Every once in a while you will be surprised with a "Why don't we do it that way?" moment, too.


Cousin Tom


Hello Marisa and Jordan,

thanks for your wonderful blog. Marisa I do want you to know that I did check you guys out when you first email the family about your blog, so don't know who you were referring when you mentioned you didn't see anyone from Florida.
Sounds like you two are having a great time.
thanks for sharing it all with us.


dad in Q8

I have known Marisa all her life, even before she knew the world was round. She is my eldest, most beautiful daughter (not to be confused with my youngest, most beautiful daughter Erica) and living in Korea with her happy, tall, and always fancy husband. To think that "back in the day" we communicated from one country to another via the ham radio. (over) And now technology and the internet have become our friends and brought us together! Your blog is wonderful, informative, and a great way to view your journey.(over)

Karith Amel Magnuson

Well, since we seem to be playing favorites, I am Jordan's favorite sister. I read this blog because it makes me happy, and because it has the coolest name EVER. I am a student (currently at Oxford), and will be graduating in April, thereafter doing who knows what with my life. I like peanut m&ms, the Oregon coast, and huge wonderful dogs. And I tend to get a tiny bit passionate when discussing feminism, pacifism, or the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Did I mention that I love these people? :)

mom, jmil

I am Marisa's mom and a REAL English teacher teaching in Kuwait. Actually, I'm not sure what a REAL English teacher is suppose to do but that is my title. My goal is to get kids to love reading and write well. Your blog does both: it is entertaining to read and an amazing communication vehicle. I now have a LCD projector hanging from my ceiling, so if it gets connected to my computer I can share your blog with my class. I am also humbled by your flexibility in adapting to the unexpectedness of your daily school routines! More wows!

Comment by Marisa
I wonder how I can get my principal here to add "REAL" to my title. It seems like an eviable title to have.
Doug Magnuson

I am Jordan's favorite father, and an often source of quick cash (less so since he hooked up with Marisa - thanks, Marisa - you must be supplying his quick cash these days :-).

I love this site. I check it daily. In fact, it is one of my 10 or 12 web pages that open when I open Firefox. :-)


I am Marisa's favorite sister. I also read this blog because it is entertaining - especially when I should be going to class...Just kidding. :)


I used to go to school with Marisa in BOLIVIA!! WOO!!! I'm in Ohio now working at Honda designing cars and stuff... yeah... I like reading your blog because it gives me something good to read in times where I have nothing to do at work, haha... jk, it really is interesting to read!!!
Marisa, you should ask Ines for some tips about food in Korea! Maybe you won't be as freaked out about eel. But.. I understand... I had to eat Sea Cucumber one time in England because my roommate and I had authentic Chinese dinner and we didn't want to upset the host by not eating this stuff.
Have fun!!!

Ben Allin

Hey dude, I used to play with you when we were kids but I havent seem much of you since then. I love and miss your parents because their testimony for Christ has influenced me strongly at differnt times of my life and have been role models for me as I have my own family now. I also live in Korea. In Ulsan. Where the hell is Gunsan? You should come visit sometime. Congrats on being married. Peace

Comment by Jordan
Ben, wow! Awesome to hear from you! How funny that we are both in Korea--we will definitely have to get together.

I am Matthew Fisher. I am from the United States, I guess. I am most notable for creating the first entry in Jordan and Marisa Magnuson's guestbook.