The Birds Have Flown

16 Nov 2009
Posted by Marisa
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Yesterday I was witness to the giant migration of the Baikal Teal.  At least we think it was the baikal teal, as there was no English around to inform us and I had to look it up when we got home.  Huge groups of these birds meet at this one place in the river delta near Gunsan and then fly off.  From what I read on wikipedia it sounds like Korea could be the end of their trek, as they start from the Baikal region in Russia. 


I was invited out by our friends Jim and Carol.  Jordan was busy working on a game (to be released later today I think), and didn't join us.  We had an adventure on the bus, first missing our stop and worrying the bus driver, then walking in the frigid Gunsan air (sometime overnight it turned freezing, there's a chance of snow today).  There is a bird zoo and museums at the site of the bird's landing, and an observation tower.  Since this was the big weekend, there was also an exciting festival going around.  I think Carol and I will feature in next year's informational brochure because there was a photographer following us around for a while. 

carol, jim, marisa

We almost missed the birds whose party it was because unless you looked really closely they just looked like a sandbar out on the river, despite the sandbar being pointed out as a thing of interest by the men in charge of the binoculars. 


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