Our Bunny-foo

24 Nov 2009
Posted by Jordan
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Keep watching, and you'll get some crazy hops starting at 1:20.

Why you want a bunny

30 Mar 2009
Posted by Jordan
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Did I mention that she's house trained? And only sheds once a year?


Posted by Marisa
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Jordan and I are the proud new parents of Faraday Magnuson, a very pretty bunny we adopted from some people who work at Osan Air Base; we plan to call her Farah for short. After a scary (for her) two hour bus ride and shopping trip at Lotte Mart, she is settling into her new home on our balcony. She enjoys eating hay, spinach, carrots and apples, hoping around her new home, spying things in the distance, snoozing in her house, and shedding lots of hair (apparently this is a once a year thing, since it's started getting warm she's started losing her winter hair). Once she adjusts to life on the balcony, we plan to let her hop around the rest of the house when we're home. Bunnies can be trained to use a litter box like a cat. And by train, I mean they do it naturally, you just have to find out where they want to do their business and put the litter box there. She is also one of the softest things I've ever touched. It is very nice to have a very soft bunny on your lap for petting. Farah is still a little nervous around us, but already enjoys hopping around us and getting small pets. We are very happy to have her in the family.


Michael Faraday was a famous physicst, who knew little math, but did amazing conceptual work with electricity. Farah is Arabic for happiness.

Here is a quick video about Faraday's first weekend.