06 Jun 2012
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Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 27 and so far it seems to be going well. In honor of being a year older, I thought I'd take a stab at writing a few more posts than I have in the last few months. Which shouldn't be too hard. 

My birthday started a few days early, first with a girl's afternoon to see Snow White and the Hunstman, and then for frozen yogurt after. Everyone enjoyed the movie, especially having no naysayers along to insert complaints about Kristin Stewart.

Jordan also took me out for a fondue dinner, with fries on the side La Swise style.


We also enjoyed some fancy tea at a coffee shop after dinner.



On my actual birthday morning we had a delicious breakfast of donuts and Doug's special potatoes.


And what's that present?


It's the only Cap'n Crunch in Amman!


Jordan also gave me this beautiful collection of jewelery, picked up here and there on our travels.


We enjoyed a hamburger dinner, and then who showed up?


It's Brendan! And see how happy Toby is for everyone to be home. He's singing!

Here we are enjoying Brendan's birthday present, which he brought himself from the states.


Yes, I'm looking worried. But it's okay, because there were still birthday cupcakes leftover.


What else did Brendan bring from the States? A beautiful Kindle from everyone!


Look, it matches!


Posted by Marisa
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So this weekend we celebrated my birthday by taking a trip to Jeonju, the capital city of our province which is about an hour bus ride away.  The main attraction was the TGIFriday's, but they also have some nice neighborhoods to walk around in.


For more pictures, click here.