Attacked by Parrots

14 Apr 2011
Posted by Marisa
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Yesterday we visited the Aviary in Kuala Lumpur. It was a very nice place. Also it is the world's largest aviary. We saw a lot of birds.

At one point we walked past a photo booth where you could get your picture taken with a variety of birds. There were some very cool owls that I was interested in getting my photo with, but it was unclear if the price included the owls or just the big parrots.


So we walked on and the next stop was the "Parrot Experience." Sounds promising. When we entered there was a guy at the door selling parrot food if you were interested. I am always interested in feeding the birds, and since the price was considerably lower than getting your picture taken with owls, it promised to be my excitement for the day. And I sure got some excitement; a bit more than I paid for I think.


After getting my cup of what looked coconut water, I unsuspectingly walked a bit into the Parrot Experience room, thinking I would get to pick out the bird I liked the best to feed. However, instead I was suddenly covered in parrots that flew in from nowhere, having been watching my cup of food a lot more closely than I was watching them.


Animals are rarely as nice as we think they are and here you can see the birds fighting over who gets a spot at the cup.


This one is keeping an eye on things from a nice perch.


Some more flew in to keep an eye on the action.


This one is not actually trying to eat my shirt, but using it so that he can climb closer to the action.


See how he is making some progress.


Mysterious white liquid sure is delicious.


This guy sat on my shoulder and was perhaps trying to keep the rest in line because he kept making loud bird noises right in my ear.


This one really thinks I'm a tree for climbing.



When all the excitement died down, we got a more composed picture together. During the frenzy the birds also thought Jordan was a tree and perched on his head as well. However, since I was covered in parrots and couldn't reach in my pocket for the camera, you'll just have to imagine that.