When Santa Arrives by Motorbike

26 Dec 2010
Posted by Marisa
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 Christmas really started to get going when Erica arrived on the 23rd. Most of the family went to the airport to pick her up. Mom had to stay home so there was space for the balloons we bought to welcome her. 


Dad and I check to see where Erica will arrive. Baby looks longingly at my balloons. 


Everyone was jealous that they did not think to bring a Noah's Ark Balloon Bouquet to pick up their family members. 


This Santa-in-Training looks at my balloons and wonders how he can get some. 

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, we the children are signed up to usher at church. Erica has never been to this church and has jet lag. Jordan and I have been twice, so we are the experts


I do some fancy moves to collect the offering, while the choir sings. When we were welcoming people at the door, we saw a Korean mom overcome with excitement at the decorations on the stage. "Look! It's sparkly!" I thought the same thing.


Jordan was one the the few ushers who had a lighter and was in charge of getting all the candles lit. It looks like he did a good job. 


When we arrived home, after our demanding ushering duties, we were also in charge of getting Christmas Eve snacks ready. Jordan made Company French Toast to eat in the morning. 


Christmas morning we opened presents. 


Including the much awaited trip down the candy aisle that Erica brought with her.


Mom gets a new kindle which Dad has since stolen. 


Erica opens my nicely wrapped present. 


Dad wonders what could be in this giant box brought all the way from Korea. 


Dad discovers that it is a laptop lap table so he can use his new mouse (from Erica) while sitting anywhere!


Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful time. Glad

What a wonderful time. Glad you all can be together.

I think those balloons are

I think those balloons are pretty much the coolest thing ever.