Weather Update

11 Dec 2008
Posted by Jordan
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Last weekend: 10-12 inches of snow fall during a 24 hour period, temperature drops as low as 10 degrees F.

Yesterday: No snow anywhere, the temperature gets to a balmy 57 degrees F.

We're quite enjoying the contrast to Minnesota here: A good snowfall is really so much more enjoyable when you know it's going to be back up over 50 degrees in a couple of days, rather than six months down the road.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's weather.

That weather sounds wonderful! I'm so green with envy, someone's going to twist me in a circle and hang me on the front door.

Dear Jed,



Yes I do read this blog! I hope that's ok....*glances around nervously*

Sounds nice!

Your snowy weather sounds very nice! It has been below zero here...thankfully there has been pretty snow too! But no melting snow, yet!