Trimming The Tree 2009

30 Nov 2009
Posted by Jordan
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Nice Christmas tree, and fun

Nice Christmas tree, and fun to see Sweet Home decorated for Christmas.
So, Jordan, you have taken up the Souter "manly" custom of vacuuming (your mother says it's also a Furry trait)? Did you say every day? After living in Egypt, how do you find enough of anything there to vacuum that often? :-)


Your apartment is so cute! I want to put up a Christmas tree too. I think  we are going to put up our Christmas decorations and lights this weekend. I woke up to a bit of snow this morning!! Winter is here. Love you!


Hi, you two!  I don't check in on your blog very often, but this most recent video is a treat.  Thanks for sharing.  Happy Christmas and I love you both.

Mr. Fish (or Ms. perhaps?)

Did you say the fish's name is "Orangepants"?
Those stockings are kickin', and you're other room has awesome walls.

In reply to everyone...

@Doug: You'd be surprised, but there is actually a decent amount of dirt that accumulates here. The fact that the floors are wood instead of carpet undoubtedly adds to the impression.
@Erica: Merry Christmas to you too.
@Celeste: Always happy to make you happy, Celeste :). I miss you (and all our Bethel friends) a great deal. Happy Christmas.
@Jed: Yes, Orangepants' name is Orangepants. You may have noticed that his pants are actually white right now, which we can't help: sometimes he changes pants.
Thanks all, for taking the time to comment.