Tour of the 'Hood

13 Nov 2008
Posted by Jordan
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A couple of weeks ago we video-taped a little tour of our neighborhood here in Gunsan. It kind of went on the backburner, but here it is in all of its low-resolution glory (I appologize for the video quality: I didn't really know what I was doing with the camera settings at the time). I hope you enjoy the K-Pop.

Part 1:

Part 2:


I say again, you guys are pretty darn lucky in having so many interesting places to eat near your house. Bungeo-ppang, as any anime fan would know, is actually a direct Korean infringement upon the intellectual rights of Japanese taiyaki. I've never seen it in Chungju so I'm quite envious of you.

Thank you for giving your audience a musical taste of what we endure every time we go to Lotte Mart or E-Mart!

(Also, be careful near the cars! Half of them have absurdly touchy alarms... all of the experienced foreigners in Chungju have stories to tell about getting in trouble for setting off a car alarm.)