Taegeuk Warriors off to a good start

12 Jun 2010
Posted by Jordan
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The first match of the 2010 World Cup not to end in a draw goes to Korea. We had a lot of fun watching on a giant portable TV from the entrance of a Korean bar, surrounded by a lot of hollering Koreans with drums and trumpets, who kept buying us beer and cheese sticks. 

Go Red Devils! 

 Wow and Joy!  What a great

 Wow and Joy!  What a great name!  Wish we could have stayed through the world cup.  Go South Korea!

 Was that in Gunsan?

 Was that in Gunsan?

Yep, in Gunsan. It would have

Yep, in Gunsan. It would have been fun to stay in Seoul and watch amidst the thousands gathered in the streets, but we wanted to get back home.