A Star Spangled Punting Picnic

28 Jul 2011
Posted by Marisa
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On a sunny day in July, Jordan, Karith and I found ourselves out for a punt. And no punt is complete without a picnic:

That it will give a particular relish to success, if you be successful, and wonderfully dull the edge of disappointment, if the contrary be your fate, (which all good spirits avert,) if you never take punt (for we recommend that as the easiest mode of exercise) without stowing therein a sufficient basket of ham, tongue, veal pie, stilton-cheese, bottled ale and porter, port, sherry, moselle, claret, brandy, and cigars. - London Magazine, 1828

While we went for a slight variation on what we stowed in our basket, the food definitely added a relish to our success. For it was only success that we encountered (no one fell in the water, and we didn't get lost).

2011.07.04 - Oxford

I misled you a bit at the beginning when I said it was a day in July, because it wasn't just any day in July, but July Fourth. We celebrated our country's independance from the country we were punting in by remembering all the words to the "Star Spangled Banner" and singing them aloud. We sang so well, that this bird came aboard:


Jordan punts like a jungle explorer:


Karith punts like a contemplative, insightful student:


And I punt like I wish I wasn't:


However, when resting comfortably in the boat, I can pose like I mean it:


I love this beyond words.

I love this beyond words. Such good memories. :)

What great fun!

What great fun!