Sightseeing: Imperial Tombs of Hue

30 Jan 2011
Posted by Marisa
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 Outside my window it's still raining and cold. But it's our last night in Hue, so hopefully we'll see some sun soon...when we get to the beach. 

I am thinking about how the tour guide asked me where in America I lived and I couldn't answer the question. "Ummm, I don't really live anywhere..." And I don't. I really, honestly live nowhere, except this hotel right now.

Today I saw beautiful moss covered buildings. Built hundreds of years ago to honor dead monarchs, they still feel majestic and inspire awe. We saw three tombs, each quite different from the others. We weren't sure before going if we should see all 3, but each had it's own feel and surprises. The first, Tu Duc, was moss covered and ancient feeling; very mysterious. The second one was harmonious, beautiful and serene. The third was in-your-face, look-at-me; a mix of the traditional and European, no one would take it for anything less than the resting place of a king.


Today I felt really hungry this afternoon.

Today I tasted banana pancake for breakfast (apparently a backpacker favorite), Vietnamese buffet lunch, and pizza for dinner. 

Today I heard lots of French. Everyday there are lots of people speaking French. 


A favorite memory from today:  Walking amongst the old buildings in the rain. The soft rain and the old buildings conspiring to remind me of a similar day spent in a palace in Seoul. 

The plan for tomorrow: Bus ride to Nha Trang. 


The interior of the last tomb was covered in a beautiful mosaic.

Wow, amazing photos as usual!

Wow, amazing photos as usual! I'm sorry about all the rain :( At least it isn't below zero?

As always, when I read your

As always, when I read your posts and see your pictures, I wish we were with you.

Amazing fotos ! Thank you for

Amazing fotos !
Thank you for making it easy to grasp