sandal weather

30 Jan 2009
Posted by Marisa
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Today marks the first sandal wearing day of the year.  It's currently 54 degrees.  Toasty!

Sandal Weather

nice dress

Mabrouk on wearing sandals (I think it's been in the 60s here - feels like spring not winter; it's even up to almost 60 degrees in our bedroom (without heat)!).

That's a nice dress in the window - have you tried it on? :-)



:( I think it is above freezing today.

Covered Toes

Well, it was 73 degrees in Kuwait today and I was only THINKING about sandals. You were looking very Minnesotan with your down vest and sandals combo. I'm sure everybody else thought you were nuts. I remember some of the little Korean girls wearing those dresses in HK for International day - they really are beautiful.
So, it's suppose to be 74 degrees tomorrow . . . sandals or covered toes?

fancy and fashionable

I really love your hat. It's very sexy. :)
(So is the purse, by the way).