Jordan and Poo

04 Nov 2010
Posted by Marisa
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Jordan is too busy to post these pictures that he took. So I will post them for you. We were at the zoo and we saw this sign:


Jordan stops to examine the sign. 


Family takes time to stop and touch the poo for the photo. 


Jordan goes into the bathroom and finds these trivia: 


This next one made me a little nervous to visit the hippos. 




This last one is not true. I know this for a fact because Farah out-pooped both Jordan and I combined.


If only my students were around to really enjoy these poo facts. The middle schoolers really love poo. This post is in their honor. 

Love it! My fiance also

Love it! My fiance also enjoys all things poo related (in the theoretical, joking realm, of course). He would have enjoyed this display. Does the poop from this bathroom actually power something, as the diagram in the first photo indicates? I came here via Pixeled Memories, because I thought camping in Taiwan sounded like quite an adventure, and I'm really enjoying your posts and photos. Keep 'em coming!

 I assume the sign is true,

 I assume the sign is true, but there was no one around to verify it from .  Glad you are enjoying our adventures. We're actually leaving the city this morning to go out and do some real camping.