Jordan and Marisa Eat Taipei

02 Nov 2010
Posted by Marisa
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 Jordan drinks Sasparilla. 

Jordan Drinks Sasparilla

Marisa eats Beef Noodle Soup. 

Marisa Eats Soup 

Marisa eats Dim Sum. 

Marisa Eats Dim Sum

Jordan drinks Bubble Tea. 

Jordan Drinks Bubble Tea

Marisa eats Meat on a Stick. 

Marisa Eats Meat on a Stick

Jordan drinks Ice Coke. 

Jordan Drinks Ice Coke

Marisa eats Dumplings. 

Marisa Eats Dumplings

Everyone loves fruit. 

Everyone Eats Fruit

PS: Jordan eats things too. 

There's definitely a computer

There's definitely a computer game in here somewhere! :-)

This is utterly fantastic.

This is utterly fantastic. And may I just say that I also would like to drink Bubble Tea and Ice Coke? Please bring some when you come.