Jordan and Marisa are Posers

29 Nov 2010
Posted by Marisa
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 Yesterday, we spent a happy afternoon at the old British Consulate in Kaohsiung. It has a great view of the harbor, watching the boats come in and out, and since it used to be British, you can have afternoon tea. Although since we're in Taiwan you can have bubble tea, which is a nice improvement. Did you know that the Taiwanese invented bubble tea. It's a true fact (at least that's what Jordan told me).

The following pictures I blame on our extended habitation in Asia. We are true posers.






Also, sometimes I get bored of taking pictures of myself or Jordan. Especially when I have the world's coolest can. Can you believe this can? It's made from see-through metal!

I <3 Can

If you want to see the full photo shoot, go ahead!

Nice poses! I <3 bubble tea.

Nice poses! I <3 bubble tea.

Is it really metal?! That's

Is it really metal?! That's insane! And really pretty pictures of you and Jordan and the harbor :)

I want bubble tea! And a

I want bubble tea! And a cool metal can. And an old British Consulate to pose by. Guess I'll just have to console myself with an eggnog latte, Cixous' "Laugh of the Medusa," and a trip to the library.