23 Jun 2011
Posted by Marisa
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This is mostly a poem for Vietnam, although some things go beyond its borders.

Goodbye money that has more zeroes than I can count. You are worse than Monopoly.
Vietnam money 10,000 - 500,000 dong

Goodbye sidewalks that are used for everything except walking.
2011.06.10 - Hanoi

Goodbye motorists who think honking at pedestrians for walking is a nice thing to do.
2011.05.04 - Hanoi

Goodbye neighbor drill, I will not miss you one bit.
2011.05.27 - Hanoi

Goodbye dogs who ride motorbikes. Special goodbyes to cute cocker spaniel on the pink scooter and happy looking golden retriever.

Goodbye weather that is so hot that if I stick my pinky finger out I become covered in sweat.

Goodbye evening aerobics ladies. You are braver than me to go outside in the heat.
2011.04.29 - Hanoi

Goodbye late night propaganda music. Perhaps if you were quieter and more subliminal your message would go across easier.
Bench For Two

Goodbye Septimus, my pet spider, who has kept me company and eaten all the bugs on the window.

Goodbye green tea, you are delicious. I hope to see you again soon.

Goodbye bread that molds in a day. I think I may have accidentally eaten you. But I feel okay.
Zombie Bread

Goodbye spicy spicy, will I find you in Europe?

Goodbye wild and crazy hair. Probably you will not be so fun when it's not 110% humid. Also, the birds may not like it quite so much.
2011.04.13 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Goodbye Vietnam. You may not be my favorite place, but you are in ♥ Asia ♥, so that's something. Also, you sell nice scarves.
2011.05.01 - Hanoi  

Marisa, you should write

Marisa, you should write children's books. Or adult books. You have a great voice. I love this. I hope you have as much fun in the next leg of your journeys.

Why did they make the 10k and

Why did they make the 10k and 100k both green!? That's awful.

To be fair honking at ped's is at least slightly nicer than running them down.

I don't usually jive with little yippy dogs, but my solidarity with bikers is stronger than my misgivings for ankle-biters, so the bandanna-wearing canine there is alright by me. Ride safe, dog. *biker salute*

Septimus is a boss name for a boss-looking spider.

Mold! it's the food that keeps on growing!

Thanks, Marisa, these pictures are a lot of fun. Have a great time in Europe!

Awesomeness. Made me smile.

Awesomeness. Made me smile. (Which is something I very much needed).