A Day in the Life... Camping in the Rain

09 Nov 2010
Posted by Jordan
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After leaving Taipei Marisa and I headed for Taiwan's northeast coast, where we did some camping and hiking. I'll post more about our experiences when I have the time, but for now, I thought I'd upload a couple of videos we took from our tent. These won't show you much of Taiwan, but they'll give you a bit of an idea of what it's been like camping and trekking in the rain... monsoon season on the east coast is late summer, but the aftermath has been hanging around this year, so that we've only seen two dry days since we've been here (and sun only once). 

First night out camping:

The following morning:

That day we hiked the historic Caolin Trail, in the drizzle (click here for more pictures):


And spent the night at a temple in Dali (click here for more pictures):

Looks like fun! Are you

Looks like fun! Are you having fun, even in the rain? Amazing adventure... :-)

I love reading about the

I love reading about the adventure! It looks like you are getting to see a lot of things - keep the posts/videos coming!

Also, you make camping look like SO* much fun. When can I join...?


This looks great! And very

This looks great! And very wet. But don't you feel like real trekkers, out there in the real outdoors? Just think, you might meet Ginko on one of those rain-washed paths . . .

 Yes, I'll admit that I do

 Yes, I'll admit that I do feel a bit like Ginko at times these days... and I think we have perhaps seen a few mushi...