Beautiful Gunsan

13 Nov 2008
Posted by Jordan
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For any of you who believed all of Matthew's rhetoric about how ugly Gunsan is, here is proof to the contrary: this photo was taken a ten minute walk from our front door. Click on the image to see more pictures. 

Marisa and Jordan at Lakeside

That is beautiful. What are

That is beautiful. What are the temperatures like there?

The highs have been around

The highs have been around 20, with the lows dipping down below 10 (that's high 60's into the 40's, for you Fahrenheit people).


But all of the pictures were taken in the same spot. I need to see pictures of places in the city besides the park.

Also I need you to come and take pictures of the many beautiful spots around Chungju, since your picture-taking abilities are far superior to mine.