Zagreb: I'm Almost a Vampire

06 Sep 2011
Posted by Marisa
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Most of days during our two months in Europe were cool, even cold at some points. This was good because I've become somewhat incapable of withstanding heat, particularily if the sun is out. If I'm honest, I don't even really like the sun. I mean I like it fine when it's far away, but I don't really appreciate when the Earth tilts and it comes closer and tries to burn the brain right out of your head. This is why in Zagreb I behaved mostly like a vampire and refused to go outside during the day and instead hid inside where the sun could not find me. 

A picture I did not take because you'll notice the sun has bleached the sky with it's intensity:


Instead, I come out at dusk when the sky is nicer:


 Things get even better when the sky is black:


If you must go outside during the day, head for the cathedral to cool off. I have been known to attend a church service just to sit in the cool air.


Also, Tangerine Schwepps can be delicious and cool:


And I've even been known to eat salad when the mercury on the thermometer gets high enough: