Not so Hungry in Hungary

04 Sep 2011
Posted by Marisa
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I feel that making a joke about being hungry in Hungary is pretty lame, but I really can't seem to help myself. So here are some pictures of me eating in Budapest.

Nestea is really delicious.


So is cake.


This is a giant plate of delicious meat. It's not as giant as the plate of meat we once had in Korea, but this one had really delicious potatoes too.


This is a castle that they built in 1898 for the World's Fair out of cardboard, and then everyone liked it so much they built it for real. This is a great tip we've picked up while traveling. People like to go to Europe for all their cute, old buildings, however a lot of them seem to have been built about 100 years ago, but no one really knows this, and everyone loves them anyway. So if you build something that looks old, in 100 years people will think it's really old.


This is an entrance to the world's oldest metro. It looks a lot like a normal metro, but older.


This is the ceiling of the basilica, which was finished in 1905. See what I mean?


This is me and the Parliament. I believe this building is actually old. 


You can see it better here.  Actually, I take back what I said because I googled it and it was completed in 1904. Could have fooled me. I thought it had been there forever.


For our anniversary Jordan got a new toy which let's him take pictures at night. I'm always up for a good pose.