Goodbye Korea Sparkling

27 Oct 2010
Posted by Marisa
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 We're up bright and early this morning to say goodbye to Jim and Carol, whose apartment we've been staying in the last couple of days while we  moved out of our Sweet Home. 

Leaving Sweet Home

You can see the fantastic floral wallpaper that we've been sleeping with for the last two years. Life without it is kind of boring, and perhaps that is how the rest of the world will feel after we leave Korea. Probably not, but there will always be something special about Korea for us. And notice that this is also the only time in two years that we wore our shoes in the house. 

Delicious Lamb Roast from New Zealand

Jim and Carol, who are from New Zealand, were kind of enough to fix us a delicious lamb roast for one of our going away meals. 

Lake Eunpa Star of the Dream Hub

This is the amazing view from their 15th floor apartment. Our apartment is amongst the ones you see in the distance.  The best view of the Dream Hub I think. A great to one to to remember as our last view of our home for two years.