I Got a New Dress

16 Sep 2011
Posted by Marisa
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I got a new dress. This is very exciting because for the last year I've been limited to about two outfits. Before that, I was trying to wear out my clothes so that when we left Korea I could leave them and not feel bad (I didn't). So I haven't done any real shopping since before I can remember. This has been kind of a big change and can be contrasted with my freshman year of college when I had so many clothes that I didn't do laundry for three months. 

However I have recently added the first of some new things to my wardrobe.


Check out those stylish chaco tans! 

Let's revisit what I've been wearing for the last year. A long time ago, Jordan conviced me that I should wear normal traveling pants. 


Eventually I decided I really wasn't a traveling pants kind of person. Also that flannel shirt really didn't fit. I traded in my traveling pants for these excellent ones that were made in Vietnam.


Sadly, they ripped, so I traded them in for these stylish polka dot shorts (shirt courtesy of my mom).


Also, in Malaysia I bought this nice shirt:


which you have to admit is perfect for petting goats in.

When it was cold I looked like this (thanks Mom for that fleece):


or this (also, thanks for that nice black scarf):


And when it rained I looked like this:


This was my outfit when we were on the go:


It also worked well when you want to blend in:

2011.04.05 - Penang, Malaysia

or stand out:

2011.04.13 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And this outfit worked well for a picnic:


And a hike:


Jordan looked like this:


He takes traveling outfits seriously.